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The Annual Onesimus Banquet is back!  Join us on Friday, Oct 29, 2021 at Mt. Vernon Christian Church starting at 6:00pm for hors d’oeuvres and fellowship, then dinner at 6:30pm. A celebration will follow in the sanctuary, with updates from Chaplain Rhonda and Chaplain Heinrich, and a few testimonies from former inmates whose lives were impacted through this ministry.  Click HERE for Address/Directions.

  • Please RSVP by email (, or by text message to 610-209-0154, or call Chairman Vernon at 610-932-4429.   See you there!


COVID-19 Update – Chaplaincy Services still up and running at Chester County Prison.

Due to restrictions in place to protect inmates and staff from coronavirus, religious programming using volunteers has been shut down at the prison.  Praise God that Chaplaincy is considered part of “essential services” at Chester County Prison. Chaplains Heinrich and Rhonda continue their ministry within the prison walls, and are encouraged by groups of men and women stepping up and leading fellow inmates in prayer and study during these tenuous times.

Please keep Heinrich, Rhonda, the prison staff, and the incarcerated men and women in your prayers.

Our Mission:

Onesimus Ministries exists for the purpose of introducing prison inmates, ex-inmates, and their families to the life-changing Good News of Jesus Christ, as well as spiritually supporting and assisting anyone in becoming faithful in their daily walk as Christ’s disciples.

 Why Are Onesimus Chaplains Needed within Chester County Prison?

“The truth about ministry is that it rarely occurs with power without the actual presence of the laborer”.
You may have heard the term, “It takes a village to raise a child”, well it takes a team of Chaplains to minister to a prison. The county prison has contracted to County Corrections Gospel Mission (CCGM)  to supply Chaplains and ministries to care for the religious needs of the inmates. Onesimus Ministries is blessed to supply Pastoral Chaplains to Chester County Prison.
Jack Crans is the Administrative Chaplain and is responsible for coordinating religious programs, services, and volunteers at CCP as well as his many other branches of CCGM.
Chaplain Heinrich Botes of Onesimus Ministries is the Pastoral Chaplain ministering to the many personal, religious and transitional needs of the inmates every day.
Chaplain Rhonda Soland of Onesimus Ministries is the Pastoral Chaplain two days a week ministering to the women.
There are many volunteers helping with the many ministerial needs of the prison, but that is only an hour at a time. The reason Chaplain Heinrich is able to be in CCP full time every day and Rhonda part time is because of the support of churches, individuals, and partners in ministry contributing to Onesimus Ministries.