Let It Go!!! It’s Not Your Department – Chaplain Lil

Let It Go!!! It’s not your department.”

This is the lesson the Lord has been teaching me…again.  You see, I’m a natural worrier and perfectionist. I want everything done ahead of time. I want everyone to be happy. I want things done right.  In other words, I want things done my way and in my time.

But my worrying and perfectionism brings me stress and hurt because seldom is it going to happen.  Whether I try to ensure things are right in my kids’ lives, or with my job, I strive and get frustrated when things do not turn out that way.  But God is teaching me many things and I am learning that my attitude could be selfish by taking responsibilities that don’t belong to me, and I do not trust the Lord.
When the virgin Mary engaged to be married to Joseph, was told by the angel she was pregnant, she was afraid at first. After questioning the angel’s message, she said she would trust God, even though she knew this would likely be seen as a scandal and possibly bring shame to her, her family and her beloved, Joseph. Instead of wondering about the “what ifs,” she trusted God and said, I’m okay with however this turns out.  Help me Lord, to let it go. I can’t control how others feel about me or what they think; I don’t need everything to go my way.  I need to go Your Way.  I do not need to fix everybody else’s problems, because doing so does nothing to help that person learn, grow and trust you.

On the other hand, trusting God that “everything will work out” does not release me from helping others as the Lord leads.  No, I still want to be very sensitive to the Spirit’s leading. But Lord, help me to remember, I am not take on things that do not belong to me.

“Let It Go!!! It’s not my department.

I wish to thank everyone for your continued support along with your prayers.

May God Bless You
Chaplain Lillian Anthony

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