Prison Ministry Prayer Requests for this week – 10/2/23

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I appreciate everyone’s prayers for the message I presented at both services in the prison last night.  Evidence of the power of prayer – the men stayed engaged as we walked through every verse of John 20 (the empty tomb and Jesus appearing to Mary Magdalene, then the disciples).  The volunteers told me even the inmate who is typically a disruption (he sits in the back row talking) was paying attention.  That had little to do with me, I consider it ongoing fulfillment of prophecy in Isaiah 55:11.


So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it. (Isaiah 55:11, KJV)


He even thanked us at the end for bringing the Word.  God’s Word is indeed alive and powerful!


After teaching through scripture and giving an invitation to accept Christ, I commissioned every inmate to spread the Good News to everyone (Mark 16:15) by telling their own story of salvation to men back on the cell blocks.  I challenge us all to do the same in our communities, especially since Christ himself directed us to do it (more a command than an option) in Mark 16 and Matthew 28.


A shout out with thanks to my brother Phil Taylor who took over the prayer time last night since I brought the message.  He collected and prayed through the prayer requests below.  And thanks to all of you for doing your part in lifting up in prayer these men and their requests throughout the week.  One inmate even commented last night how much it means to him that others are praying for him.  Never underestimate the importance of this part of the ministry.  God bless you!


Grace and peace,




Inmate Prayer Requests from Medium Security (7:00pm service):


  • Buddy– for all the men in the room to make it out of here and get back to our families, and a former cellmate who was acquitted and still waiting to be released.  Also pray for all the unbelievers.
  • Luke– forgiveness for a year of bad decisions that led to a second DUI and ruined marriage.  Thank God my wife isn’t seeking divorce, and I pray not to lose my job.  I pray for a second chance to save my marriage, for my wife to have a softened heart not just for me but for Christ, and pray for my 3 kids.
  • Ross– I’m from Florida and going through a lot, pray that everything will work out OK, that I would be released without probation, and find a place to live in Florida when I get out of here.
  • Angel– I feel as though I’m treated like an animal in here, pray to get out of this place.  Also pray for my family, especially younger brother who needs a kidney.  Also pray for my father, and for my fiancé to not go back to her old ways of drug addiction.
  • John– that my application to seminary in Philadelphia would come through.
  • Thomas– continued sobriety, and for acceptance from my family, especially my grandkids.
  • (name not given)– for the children of the world.
  • Dave– for my children, and a good outcome of my case.
  • Shaun– for my daughter and two grandsons.
  • Demonte– my family and loved ones, and everything to go well with my case.



Inmate Prayer Requests from Minimum Security (8:30pm service)


  • Chris– for my daughter Stormy and my wife Mariah to find their way.
  • Oscar– for my upcoming hearing, and for all the people on the cell blocks. Also want to pray for my enemies.
  • Maurice– for my friend Latisha to have joy and happiness in her life.
  • Dean– for my family, and for me to have Spiritual knowledge and understanding.
  • Bo– that everyone here would accept Jesus Christ as personal Lord and Savior, and that we can all find strength from the Lord to endure, and to have faith.
  • Dan T– for my friend whose 18-year-old son committed suicide and he blames himself for the harsh way he treated him.  He is in counseling sessions in Florida, and I pray God would touch his heart and he can learn to forgive himself.
  • Chris– for the people back on the block.
  • Phil T– for my son-in-law Alan who cut up his finger really badly.  Not just for his physical healing, but that he would also yield to Jesus and also lead his family to Christ.



Prayers from Onesimus Ministries


Prayers for all the preparations going into hosting the Annual Banquet for Onesimus Ministries on Oct 27.


For Chairman Vernon on the Onesimus Ministries board dealing with some personal health issues.


Bless the staff of Chester County Prison working long hours and many shifts due to shortages, and for their families who are also impacted.


Blessings of wisdom, daily strength and endurance for our wonderful prison chaplains Rhonda and Heinrich who serve many inmates and staff members each day. 


Please continue to lift up the aftercare ministries across Chester County ministering to recently released women and men, helping them rebuild a new life after incarceration.  Pray that these ministries have an abundance of the resources they need and that many hearts would be touched and healed in the name of Christ Jesus.


If you’d like to find out more about mentoring and discipling a man or woman coming out of prison, drop us a note at



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