Expecting God’s Best and Not Settling for Less – Chaplain Lil

I’m wondering how many people
start out with having thoughts of doing
something completely different in life
then something happens and they are
thrown somewhat of a curveball.
We all have a choice to listen to the
Lord but sometimes we run away from his directions and I
wonder why they’re just spinning their wheels of life. It’s
what I may call “they’re just sitting instead of listening.”
The Lord does call us into excellence but so many times
we just settle for a mediocre life. Some people haven’t
completely failed but they’re not where they truly want to
be in life.
I felt this many years ago when I asked God, “what
or how are You going to use me in my life to serve You?”

Well, He has been using me for His glory for 20+ years at
Chester County Prison.
I have recently been working with a couple of Muslim
women. Praise Lord these two women are starting to see
how God can use them and not just living in a mediocre life.
The verses I have been using with these women are Proverbs
35 and 36. Trust in the Lord with your heart, and lean not
on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge
him, and he will make your paths straight. It’s been quite
interesting to see how God is speaking to these women and
using them to speak the Word of God in their housing units
at Chester County Prison.
I want to thank everyone for their prayers and their
support for Onesimus Ministries.
May God bless you all this holiday season.

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