From the Treasurer, November 2017 – Roy Fite

Greetings Friends! I ask that you take the time to pause
& reflect (Selah) upon how our gracious and loving God has
enabled Onesimus for almost forty years to serve thousands
of men & women desperately in need of His forgiveness
and grace.
Also, please remember our chaplains in your prayer life,
that they receive the spiritual strength and wisdom needed
to bring His Good News to those currently in CCP.
Thank you for providing financial support for Peter and
Lil as well as the means to purchase Bibles and hymnals for
the chapel.
Our annual banquet will be held April 6th at 6:00 p.m.
Mt. Vernon Christian Fellowship has graciously opened
their doors for this event. Please join us for a fellowship
meal followed by powerful testimonies from individuals
served by this ministry.
May His Peace be with you!

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