“I was just about to Lose my Faith and Lose Hope”

Reading Inmate Request Forms with messages such as these below inspire us as chaplains to continue being faithful to perform the seemingly mundane and insignificant tasks that a
typical day in prison holds:

“I just want to thank you for your prompt reply and
efforts to answer my request for the recovery Bible,
and extra literature/materials you provided me with.
I was just about to lose my faith and lose hope in
having any success acquiring spiritual material to
read and feed-on. Can’t express enough gratitude
for your service, very much appreciated my friend!!!
— Samuel W (31 years old)

I’ll be leaving soon. It’s been a pleasure to meet you.
Doing Bible study helped me increase my faith and
rely on God more. Thank you for everything. I will
be going up-state (to State Prison for more than 30
years) and will try to stay in touch.”
— Jamane R (33 years old)

“Can you please send me a Bible so I can seek
comfort in His Word and guidance from His Book?”
— Luis O (22 years old)

“Thank you for the Recovery Bible….it truly is what
I needed.”
— Elijah T (25 years old)

I trust you read “between the lines” and sense that these expressions of need and appreciation speak both to you as reader and to the author of this article. Without your active involvement as partner and investor, there would be no chaplains at Chester County Prison and no one to respond to these kinds of messages.
Please pray for us and thank you for your support to keep us here.

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