Monday Night Fellowship

It’s hard to believe that it has been almost a year since Jim Kreider stepped down as leader of the Monday Night Prison Fellowship service. He has been a faithful and humble servant and there is much to be learned from him. I look forward to seeing him receive his crown!!

We have been so blessed to have a team of men who are devoted to this ministry, have the heart for the inmates, and the ability to effectively communicate the Gospel every week. God has grown our Ministry over this past year and I am humbled and amazed at His faithfulness. We are currently a team of 6 men including: Keith Raport, who also has a ministry in the facility in Chester. He always brings a straightforward Gospel message that is appreciated by the men. Alan Bradford, who has been coming out faithfully with Jim for several years, is our lead prayer warrior. Gabe Mahalik is a gifted speaker who also writes some amazing Christian rap that has great impact on the guys. Max Bentley shares God’s Word with great passion and compassion. And, our newest addition last Spring, Barry Brown, who is a pastor at Evangel Assembly of God Church in Glenolden. Barry is committed to traveling the distance from Delaware County to share God’s Word, which he does with great insight.

God has so blessed us in every sense as we also have our two outstanding chaplains in Heinrich and Rhonda, who continue to provide support, encouragement, and wisdom to guide us. I am looking forward to next year, serving alongside these wonderful folks and experiencing the Lord’s grace and kindness. It is indeed by His grace that we make a difference in the lives of so many!

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