Prison Fellowship – Andy Leatherman

Thousands of men over the past 33 years have passed through Prison Fellowship at Chester County Prison every Monday night. What have they been taught? Has it made a difference? The consistent message these men have heard from many different volunteers is that Jesus can change them, offer new hope, and make steady those whose lives are out of control.
Men whose lives have been impacted are able to stand up in the regular testimony time in each service and testify to the changes God has made in them. Many men report that God brought them to this prison before they injured or ruined more lives by their irresponsible living. It is inspiring to them, and for us volunteers as well, to hear their testimonies! It is fascinating as well to see and hear the unique messages given by different volunteers who share in the services.
There are always four parts to every service: 1. A prayer time, 2. Singing from the hymnal, 3. Testimonies, and 4. A sermon or meditation from Scripture. This regular schedule is an important means of encouragement for these men whose lives have fallen apart.
A Prison Fellowship service is offered every Monday evening for Medium Security inmates and one for Minimum Security inmates. From ten to thirty inmates generally attend every service. Four to eleven volunteers show up each night.
New volunteers are warmly welcomed to each team, but especially to the team for Minimum Security service which meets from 8:30 to 10:00 p.m. on Monday nights. In order to be a volunteer, security clearance is required through Chaplain Jack Crans in the chaplaincy office.
To the churches of Chester County, please hold these services in your prayers, even though many of you cannot participate directly in this important work. Jesus spoke directly to the importance of visiting prisoners, and we covet your participation through your prayer support.

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