Prison Ministry Prayer Requests for this week – 5/22/23

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Over the weekend, Rick Warren’s Daily Hope devotionals have been addressing the idea of integrity, which is pretty important among believers.  It affects how we are seen by others, lends credibility to our witness, and can serve as a lasting legacy after we’re gone. 


Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God. (Matthew 5:8)


How we act when no one is watching should be the same way we act when everyone is watching.  To do otherwise would be hypocritical.  God wants us to be who He made us to be no matter who is watching, and remember that He is always watching!


Whoever walks in integrity walks securely, but whoever takes crooked paths will be found out. (Proverbs 10:9)


Integrity means keeping promises, refusing to gossip, doing our best at work, and being real with others. Most people can spot a phony, and we don’t want to be that person – especially if they know we’re a Christian.  When we bear His name as Christians, we must take it seriously. 


“You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain, for the Lord will not hold him guiltless who takes his name in vain. (Exodus 20:7)


I recently heard a deeper definition of the 3rd  commandment – that as Christians we take His name, and if we are no different than everyone else, we are taking the Lord’s name in vain.  I believe integrity is a really big deal with God, and I’m thankful for having many people in my life whose integrity is woven throughout the fabric of their life.  Two of them I mention here quite often – Chaplain Heinrich and Chaplain Rhonda.  It’s been an absolute pleasure getting to know them the last few years, and we could all do well to model their daily service to “the least of these” in the prison.  Please continue to lift them up in prayer, along with the prayer requests they present here every week.  And thanks for being the prayer warrior God called you to be.


Grace and Peace,




Prayer Requests from Chaplain Heinrich

Please pray for:


K.T. – a 60-year old man, who spent more than half of his life in the prison system, has been running from God for decades and is now afraid to return to Him.


The 8 inmates who today received Bibles, daily devotionals, other literature and a one year Bible reading plan. Pray that God will use these tools to His own honor.


MaryBeth Finn, wife of Mark Finn, a faithful religious volunteer at CCP and the coordinator of the prison ministry at Calvary Chapel Chester Springs. Mark recently passed away after a long battle with cancer.


A.E. – He demonstrates no insight and/or brokenness about his actions that caused his incarceration.



Prayers from Onesimus Ministries

For prison ministry to be allowed to flourish once again within Chester County Prison, and that the prison chapel would once again become a center of faith-based activity instead of remaining dark as it’s been since the beginning of covid.


Daily strength and wisdom for Chaplains Rhonda and Heinrich as they minister to everyone out at Chester County Prison.


Peace and good health among the inmates and the staff within Chester County Prison.


That more men and women at Chester County Prison would take this time to reflect on their life and make the best decision possible – to accept the Lord.


Prayers of blessing for aftercare ministries helping recently released men and women build upon a foundation of faith that may have begun or been re-ignited during their prison stay.  May God bless the ministry workers and clients alike, that they would be a blessing to others.


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