Prison Ministry Prayer Requests for this week – 5/27/24

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

What a beautiful weekend God graced us with for Memorial Day.  And for those attending Memorial Day ceremonies (at least in the morning), it was a blessing that the rain held off. It’s weekends like this, full of outdoor activities and family gatherings that are hardest for inmates.  They long to be in a different place with people who care about them. During our time with them in the prison chapel, that’s what we try to provide – a safe haven where they can just be themselves, surrounded by volunteers that care about them.


We reflected on Psalm 17 as we entered into prayer:

O Lord, hear my plea for justice.

    Listen to my cry for help.

Pay attention to my prayer,

    for it comes from an honest heart.

Declare me innocent,

    for you know those who do right.


You have tested my thoughts and examined my heart in the night.

    You have scrutinized me and found nothing amiss,

    for I am determined not to sin in what I say.

I have followed your commands,

    which have kept me from going along with cruel and evil people.

My steps have stayed on your path;

    I have not wavered from following you.


I am praying to you because I know you will answer, O God.

    Bend down and listen as I pray.

Show me your unfailing love in wonderful ways.

    You save with your strength those who seek refuge from their enemies.

Guard me as the apple of your eye.

    Hide me in the shadow of your wings. (Psalm 17:1-8)


In 1st service, Phil reflected on Memorial Day to honor our fallen heroes who sacrificed everything for our country, reminding us of the ultimate selfless sacrifice of Jesus, who said there is no greater love than to lay down your life for friends – which is exactly what He did. God seeks our changed hearts focused on Him, and commissioned all followers to teach others to obey all He commanded.  We need to share His Word as the guidebook to life, and as James tells us, don’t just listen, do what it says!


Ryan challenged us in 2nd service to consider our attitude when we pray and ask God for anything. Our world conditions us to believe we deserve things, even the best things. God’s word warns us of asking with wrong motives. Mark 10 tells of James and John asking to be on Christ’s right and left hand in glory, only to be told they don’t know what they are asking. A few verses later, blind Bartimaeus simply asks Jesus for mercy. Jesus responds to his humility by asking what He can do for him, which was to see again. How much more must we be aware of our motives when we speak to God in prayer, and ask for what we truly need – His loving mercy.


Mercy and love certainly seem in short supply in today’s world, yet as followers we are called to give as we have received.  Thank you all for your giving hearts as you spend time in prayer for the men and women in prison and the prayer requests below. We all practice mercy as we treat them and pray for them as human beings versus inmates.  We are all guilty before our heavenly father, and He sees us white as snow through the righteousness Jesus imputed to us.  In thankfulness, let us follow His command to love those around us.


Grace and Peace,




Prayer Requests from Medium Security (7:00pm service):

  • Drake– God’s continued guidance, to be mindful that in giving we receive, for salvation, for our release from prison, and for our ability to shepherd relatives towards Christ.
  • Sam– for my grandfather’s recovery, for Israel, and for the war in Ukraine.  Also for all of our court cases to go well, and that we can all get home soon to family.
  • Eric– for a good paying job and a girlfriend when I get out, and for there to be more love.
  • Phil T– my sister-in-law (Faith) has intestinal cancer, and my buddy (Glenn) has prostate cancer. Also for my daughter Brooke and her husband Alan to know the Lord and be safe on their trip to Italy.
  • Robert– for my family currently being evicted- that they could move to a good home and get some help in all of this.  Also for my father in state prison to get a sentence reduction so he can see the kids graduate.
  • Kyle– my Mom’s health and for my daughter. Please keep my family safe and for my 5 sisters.
  • Vince– that everyone can stay safe on this Memorial Day weekend, especially travelling.
  • Phil T– for sanity and justice in worldwide legal systems that we see going crazy, like the International Criminal Court going after Benjamin Netanyahu, and the Criminal court in Manhattan going after Donald Trump.
  • Dan T– For a softening of my brother-in-law’s heart to finally accept Christ.
  • Robert– thankful for the volunteers, especially on a holiday.
  • Jim– praise and thanksgiving for answered prayer of no cancer when they biopsied a lump in my sister’s breast.



Prayer Requests from Minimum Security (8:30pm service)

  • Jeremiah– my children, my significant other, and for a better plea deal than the 6 years they offered (already been in here 42 months).
  • Clarence– thankful for volunteers and pray for their protection, my family, my children, please keep praying for my situation- 14 months in the dark, trying to fire my lawyer – the hardest part is not knowing what’s going on.
  • Glenn– for my family and friends to be doing well and stay healthy, my niece had a baby and a friend had her baby – pray they are all healthy and happy.  Also for my court date on Wed.  I also have an issue with my lungs, x-ray shows spot on lungs, doctors don’t know what it is and still waiting for a CAT scan.  Also thankful for volunteers.
  • Matt R– my friend Shaun and his wife Megan battling her stage 4 colon cancer, which is turning worse.  May God watch over her, strengthen her, and heal her.
  • Save– for my grandmom who I haven’t talked to in 10 years, and for my friend who just passed away.
  • Rick C– for continued recovery of my friend Herb, and for a good outcome of a few routine procedures on Wed.



Prayers from Onesimus Prison Ministries

  • The new Warden and his leadership team.
  • The staff at Chester County Prison (and their families) working many shifts and long hours due to staff shortages.
  • Our prison Chaplains – Pastor Jack (continued healing from cancer), Rhonda ministering to the ladies, and Heinrich ministering to the men.
  • Seeking God’s mercy and provision for the chapel schedule to expand and encompass more ministry to the inmates through involvement of more volunteers ready to go.
  • God’s peace within the prison population and every staff/inmate interaction.
  • The Aftercare ministries serving women and men released from Chester County prison.


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