Watching God Work

As we continue to settle into our “new normal” at the prison, I have been encouraged by the attendance and engagement of the women at our chapel services. I was speaking with one of our volunteers recently, and she has also noticed the same thing I have: there has been a great uptick in the number of women coming down for chapel services since we reopened, compared to the numbers we were seeing before COVID. We are regularly getting twice as many women coming to church as before. It is an answer to prayer and we’re thanking God for it.

The women seem especially engaged and more focused during the services.There seems to be a greater seriousness in their pursuit of the Lord. A couple of the women have begun a Bible study group on the block and invite other women to join them. They requested some study material from the chaplain’s office to work through, and are now excited about the group they’re leading. The women have also discovered an app on their inmate tablets which produces Christian material geared especially towards the incarcerated. Produced by a group of formerly incarcerated Christians, the app provides Christian teachings, music, Bible reading and study, and other faith-related content. The women are extremely excited to have discovered it and are recommending it to each other, and the number of them who are making use of the app is quickly growing. One woman said to me in chapel, “Make sure you tell the men about the app too. Make sure they know about it.” In true Christian desire to share good news, she wants to ensure the male inmates are also aware of the app.

It has been a thrill to see the women desiring and eagerly seeking to know the Lord. In the chapel services, they enjoy getting into discussions and showing what they’ve learned in their studies. I’m always happy to affirm them and compliment them on their Bible knowledge; always encouraging them to keep going, keep seeking, and keep expanding their knowledge of God’s Word. I’m so grateful to God for the privilege of being there to help these precious women along the path as they open their hearts to Him, and to experience the blessing of watching as He begins to transform their lives.

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