Winter 2014 Jottings – Chaplain Peter

My name is Peter Roomet and I am the Pastoral Chaplain at Chester County Prison. I am enabled to be at the prison full time under the umbrella of Onesimus Ministries Inc. We have had a chaplain in the county prison full time for over 37 years. This is possible because churches and individuals such as you include Onesimus Ministries in their mission and giving budget.
Every day within the walls of Chester County Prison which number more than 975 inmates, there are hardships, heartaches and broken lives. Each day I enter the prison I step into a very needy society. My responsibilities are to Biblically preach, teach and counsel the inmates toward righteousness in a relation with our Lord so they may become contributors to society as opposed to those who would shred its moral fiber. Also my responsibility is to minister cross-culturally to men of other faith walks so they, too, may re-enter society as productive human beings. This is a demanding position in life and I am blessed to be called to this ministry.
Jesus changes lives, but it takes time to realize the change and practice to get stronger at living the new life in Christ (2 Cor 5:17-21). The crisis of incarceration will not go away unless the people who are arrested learn a new way of living. Call me a life coach if you will, taking on the responsibility of training inmates to become spiritual athletes as opposed to spiritual invalids. I am truly thankful for the privilege of ministering at Chester County Prison and have experienced great joy as many inmates have been able to learn of the love of Jesus and His ability to change lives from sinner to saved and from reprehensible to redeemed. The individuals at Chester County Prison will be returning to our communities someday, but without the presence of someone to help them change their lives they in turn will have a greater negative impact on society.

As you well know, the demands of society can be daunting. The truth about ministry is that it rarely occurs with power unless there is the actual presence of the laborer. For chaplaincy to be effective we must be present as the laborer. Occasionally there is a season of uncertainty as to how I can afford to devote my time to the prison exclusively. Onesimus Ministry has been experiencing very trying times due to the “economy of man” and has been getting through some very trying times due to the “economy of God.” I ask that you help us (the Chaplains) to not be distracted from the ministry due to financial uncertainties by continuing your support of prayer and finances. Praise Jesus for His faithfulness and our trust in Him to provide. I ask for your help in keeping me in the trenches of the County Prison training people in righteousness so they will be able to face the rigors of life anew when they reach the streets of life.
Please contact Onesimus Ministries, (610-932-4429) or myself (610-857-3980), ( to arrange a time that I may share the vision and work being accomplished at your county prison through you and your congregation.

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