Wouldn’t It Be Nice?

An invitation

Would it not be nice if we could supply Life Recovery Bibles as a resource for the chaplains at Chester County Prison to give to those who are serious about putting their lives in order? We have a wonderful opportunity to provide a life-altering resource which goes to the “heart issue,” offering hope for a better future for the residents and their families.

A Need / Opportunity / Testimony — Rhonda Soland, chaplain

We have been using the Life Recovery Bible for the past three years at Chester County Prison and they remain very popular with men and women alike. The feedback we have received has been tremendous. The LRB uses the easy-to-read, easy-to-understand New Living Translation, which is a big help to the inmates we serve. Since the majority of the incarcerated residents have some history with substance abuse, the recovery theme of the LRB makes it especially ideal to use in the prison setting. Another big plus with this Bible is the excellent study notes that are included on every page, helping the men and women learn to apply the Bible’s Truths to their lives. Here is a sampling of the feedback we have received:

  • “I love this Bible and it’s so much easier to read and understand for me. This is the Bible that got me thru rehab.” – Jolene
  • “The Life Recovery Bible has meant so much to me while being here, and without it, I would be lost. Thank you very much. My cellmate would really like one. I’ve been sharing how wonderful this one is to me and I believe it would help her as well.” – Mary

We would be so grateful if you would help us to keep a supply of these Life Recovery Bibles available to the residents of CCP. We have a 60% off arrangement with Tyndale House, the publishers of the Bible, which means a cost of $128 per case. Our desire is for churches (or individuals) to “sponsor” a case of 16–meaning, a donation to Onesimus of $128.00 would provide a constant supply of Bibles coming into the prison for every month of the year. We hope you will prayerfully consider helping us keep the Word of God available to the men and women of Chester County Prison. Thank you!

An Invitation — Andy Leatherman, member of the Board

We would appreciate if you or your church would be willing to “clip and return” the form below to sponsor a box of Bibles. The first 12 returns will cover the next 12 months going forward. –clip and return to Onesimus Ministries, 145 Bethel Road, Oxford, PA 19363– Count me/us in for a box of Bibles. My/Our donation of $128 is enclosed.


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