Monday Night Fellowship

(Due to COVID, all family visits and church gathering in the chapel have stopped. Thus, outside volunteers have not been permitted to go inside.)

The Old Testament is filled with weak and insecure people God used for his purposes. Moses comes to mind and his calling is recounted in Exodus chapter 3. Standing before the burning bush on Mount Horeb God gives Moses his marching orders but Moses is not eager to follow them. He uses every excuse he could think of: I am nobody, who shall I say sent me?, they won’t believe me, I am not an eloquent speaker, and finally he gets to what he really wants to say: Send Somebody Else! After all his protestations he finally hears the one word he does not want to hear: GO!

Moses was not a coward. He just understood clearly that he was not capable in himself of doing what God clearly had in mind. He could not see himself getting the results God wanted. He was right, but Exodus records that he did exactly what God sent him to do. That message is for those of us in prison ministry too. We’re not capable of getting the results God wants either. We have to remind ourselves that God does not call men expecting results. He calls expecting effort. We are not responsible for results. That is God’s domain. Our responsibility is simply to GO! He will take care of the rest.

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