Prison Ministry Prayer Requests for this week – 1/1/24

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

HAPPY NEW YEAR to one and all!  There was an air of hope with the inmates last night as we wished each one a Happy New Year as they entered the chapel.  Perhaps they felt a little more valued – like someone cared about them since volunteers showed up on 2 holidays in a row – Christmas and New Years Day.  Or more likely it was the love of Christ we share with them each week through encouragement, worship, and hearing the Word of God together.


The theme of hope in the new year was evident through the prayers, the singing, the testimonies, and the message.  Dan reminded us through retelling of multiple prophecies that not only is God’s Word true (including promises past and future), those who know the Lord should live in expectation of His return.  The only details not revealed to us are the hour and the day – everything else about what’s coming and how it will happen are spelled out in scripture.  We know Jesus’ return is imminent, judgement is coming, and our perfectly just God will ultimately make all things right.  And we are all without excuse if we have not accepted Christ’s free gift of salvation, paid for by our Savior’s suffering, death on a cross, and how he bore God’s wrath in our place. We must be in right standing with God through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and invite all those around us to do the same.


I pray each of you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year’s celebration.  May we all resolve in 2024 to be more disciplined in reading His Word every day, sharing His love with all those around us, and praying for all those God puts on our heart.  Thank you all for your weekly commitment to praying for inmates and their families.  I pray a new year of God’s rich blessings upon each of you and your families.


Grace and peace,




Inmate Prayer Requests from Medium Security (7:00pm service):

  • Steven– all glory , honor, and praise be to God, and I thank him for the volunteers He sends us each week.  I want to lift up my family that supports me, all the people in my home, and I thank God that he has taken away my anger.
  • John– for my fellow inmates and Christian brothers, my kids, my grandkids, and for peace in the world as we have wars and rumors of wars.  I ask God to help me with my resolution to be free and stay free.
  • Mike– pray for an elderly man back on the block who couldn’t make it out to the service tonight, and he has court tomorrow.
  • Dave– for everyone in here, our children, and my significant other who is my rock.  I pray for forgiveness, and that the judge will do something with my case on Wednesday – I’ve been here for a year without determination of my case.
  • Eric– I pray to get out of here, civility for myself, and to live a long life.
  • Angel– for peace in the world, for the children of the world, for those struggling in addiction, for my fiance, and my brother (needs kidney), and my father (psychological issues).  I’m thankful for the volunteers, and lift up Israel and all the victims especially children, and pray for the men who didn’t come out to the services tonight.
  • Chris– for a man back on the block (Marty) who feels bad, for my girl (Maryann) having a rough time on the streets, and for the addicted.
  • Andy L– for the peace of God to fall on the community where I live in this new year – there is much distress and many issues in our neighborhood.
  • John– to be released this month, that the judge would accept early parole so I can get eye surgery.
  • Angel– for the poor, those without hope, boldness for us to share Jesus.
  • Derrick– for God’s help with decision making.  My bad choices led here, I need His help to make better choices since they affect not just me but my family and others.  I want to be a good Dad.
  • Jim– for wisdom, for my upcoming court date, and to make better decisions next time I’m faced with similar circumstances.  Thankful for another day.
  • Mike– for officers to listen to me, I was in pain and got transferred to another prison where I had emergency surgery for double hernia.  My body still not right, need medical attention and they won’t take me seriously.



Inmate/volunteer Prayer Requests from Minimum Security (8:30pm service)

  • Craig– thankful for the hearts of the volunteers coming in to share Jesus with us, for my wife Kay in Georgia with the kids, for my family at large, for strength in the Lord, and for the whole world.
  • Martin– for my grandmother, my family, my kids, and a successful recovery from addiction.
  • Donovan– that God would strengthen my relationship with my wife and my family, for God to be with me and show me how to make the best of my life, and that I could let His light shine through me.
  • Clarence– I pray for the safety and wellbeing of the volunteers and their families, and for all our families, for the guys back on the cell block, and for my case that was pushed to the 4th (I’ve been in the dark for 10 months).
  • Logan– thank you God for taking care of my family – my wife and my kids – and I pray for a good outcome of my case.
  • Dan T– for a man I know who blames himself for 18 year old son’s suicide since he was rough on him – I pray he accepts Jesus as Lord and savior and can find peace.



Prayers from Onesimus Ministries

  • We are so thankful to the Lord of the harvest sending more workers into the field – we had one new volunteer join us for the last 2 weeks, and now 4 additional new volunteers joined us last night.  Thank the Lord who always meets our every need in His perfect timing.


  • Continued prayers of thanks for our two wonderful chaplains – Rhonda and Heinrich – and their faithfulness in spreading hope and the love of Christ throughout the prison to staff, inmates, and their families.  May the Holy Spirit continue to inspire, embolden, and strengthen them every day.


  • Prayers of healing and restoration for Pastor Jack Crans who continues to labor for the Lord in many capacities while he contends with late stage cancer.


  • Thankful for God’s provision and hand of blessing upon the aftercare ministries in Chester county.  We pray they could reach many women and men in need of consistent accountability and encouragement in the Lord.  May their clients build strongly upon the foundation of Christ to live lives of meaning since their release from prison.


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