Prison Ministry Prayer Requests for this week – 11/20/23

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

It’s always interesting to see who will come out to the 8:30pm service when the Eagles play on Monday Night Football. Our second service attendance has already been quite low lately, and choices like this (especially during a winning season) don’t help.  But it does tend to reveal inmates serious about connecting with their faith (or they just aren’t into football).  Either way, the men who showed up last night were very engaged and eager to hear the message God had for them through our brother Andy.


Andy posed a question to the men, “what is the hardest thing in life?”, then expanded the question to what were the hardest things in Jesus’ life?  He walked us through Matthew 4 where Jesus was in the desert 40 days and nights with no food, then in a severely weakened physical condition the Devil came to tempt Him with everything from personal needs (food) to power and prestige. Andy then described “the way of Jesus” that we must all aspire to – total reliance on God, on His Word (promises), and on His power through the Holy Spirit.  Not just in tough times, but all the time, as we set aside our own goals and desires, take up our cross, and follow Him.


Andy testified to God’s faithfulness through personal stories of tremendous difficulty, driving the message home in a meaningful way, and challenged us all to walk by faith and not by sight. It’s a real honor to experience how God uses each volunteer through the gifts He’s given each of us, to bring His Word to life for the men in Chester County Prison.


It’s also an honor to partner with all of you prayer warriors out there who faithfully pray for the men (and women) in prison, their families, and the specific prayer requests we get from them each week.  Chaplain Rhonda contacted me last week with a few prayer requests for the ladies which I’ve included below.  Thanks as always for lifting them up before the throne of grace, and may you all have a wonderful, safe, and blessed Thanksgiving!


Grace and peace,




Female Inmate Prayer Requests from Chaplain Rhonda:

P.S. – asking for prayer for her daughter who is in bad shape mentally and physically over the situation of her mom being in prison. Please pray that God would turn both of their hearts to Himself.


L.P. – wanting very much to grow in her knowledge of and faith in God; leaving CCP this week; trying to believe God will guide her to the right after-care



Inmate Prayer Requests from Medium Security (7:00pm service):


  • Shaun– for my fellow inmates, that God would bless them with what they need. Thank you for the patience of my daughter in dealing with me, she is a blessing to my life.  Pray for a financial blessing upon her, she has car trouble and financial issues.  And thanks for God’s blessings today.
  • Peter– for my Mom with numerous health problems and possible kidney failure.  For everyone in here to be able to get back to family soon.  For people everywhere to open their eyes to God’s truth and understand what’s going on.  For the people in Israel and that more people would come to repentance.
  • Dave– for my kids and family – there are some things going on. For a new attorney next week to get my case moving – I’ve been here a year with no court date.  And for everyone in here, especially as the holidays approach.
  • John– for everyone’s families and travelling safety as folks gather for thanksgiving.  For my kids, and healing of my eye with possible eye surgery coming up.  And for all my Christian brothers and sisters to grow closer to God.
  • Angel– help with my anger that things are not working my way, especially concerning my case.  Pray for everyone in here, my fiance, my friend Stephanie, my brother’s health (kidney disease), my father’s health (just turned 81).  For inmate Bernard with back pain and concerns of a lump.  For peace in Israel and in the world.
  • Steven– thanks for the volunteers that give up their time to come in each week.  Even though it’s tough in here, we have a lot to be thankful for.
  • Ken– thankful for the volunteers, and pray for my family and friends as they gather for Thanksgiving.  Pray for my daughter Mackenzie (22) who is struggling.
  • Thomas– for my friends and family.



Inmate Prayer Requests from Minimum Security (8:30pm service)


  • Jeremiah– for the D.A. and the Judges – I’ve been here 3 years without a court date
  • Jacob– for the health of my grandmother (91) and grandfather (96) who are doing fairly well.  Thanks for the joy it is to speak with them and they don’t hesitate to talk to me even in prison.  For my daughter (2-1/2) who’s been sick on and off as she started preschool.  I love my daughter and her mother so much and pray I can be reunited with them soon, may they be safe in my absence.
  • Dan T– For God’s plan to work out as prophesied, may everyone realize it and be ready for His second coming.
  • Andy D– my family still grieving recent loss of my Mom, and it’s an emotional time as her house sells tomorrow.
  • Andy L– my neighborhood is a mess – there are 2 marriages breaking up, at least one teen in real trouble and on house arrest, another neighbor is dying of kidney disease.  May my wife and I be people of peace in our neighborhood.



Prayers from Onesimus Ministries


Pray for an inmate in the first service who has apparent mental issues and claims his late father used to beat him severely, sending him to the hospital with broken ribs and a fractured skull.  Pray for his healing on multiple fronts and his ability to forgive as he shared how happy he is that dad is dead.


Pray for another inmate in the first service who said there are at least 4 voices in his head, and he was physically abused by his father who later in life begged for his forgiveness.


Prayers of healing for volunteer Erwin, sick at home with a bad cold.  Thanks for wisdom of not coming in to share it with the team and the inmates 😉  May the Lord relieve his symptoms and restore him back to good health.


Praise and Thanksgiving to the Lord of the harvest who is blessing us with more laborers for the field.  Please pray for the volunteers currently in the application/background security check process, and for those seriously considering coming on board.


Ongoing prayer for wisdom and endurance for our wonderful chaplains – Rhonda and Heinrich – may the Holy Spirit fill them afresh each morning to minister compassionately to the inmates, staff, and families connected to Chester County Prison.


For all the aftercare ministries serving those recently released from prison and assisting them with their new life in Christ that began in prison.  May these ministries have all they need to be effective for the Kingdom and may each of the clients grow a heart of faith like they never have before.


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