Prison Ministry Prayer Requests for this week – 4/22/24

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I’m honored to be part of a great prison ministry team, where each week different people step up into different roles to cover our bases as we serve the inmates each week.  This week, Phil stepped up to lead the first service, and Erwin lead us through the prayer time, and it was my turn to give the message.  In second service, Marty stepped up for the prayer time, as I was preaching a “double header” last night.  I truly appreciate all my brothers and their willingness to serve in whatever capacity is needed.


Beginning a week before my turn to give the message, my prayers turn to what God would have me say to the men in prison.  He knows who will be there and what needs to be shared, even if it’s only for one guy.  And there’s nothing more rewarding than to be told by someone after your message, “I really needed to hear that”.  It’s pure joy to be used by God for His purposes.  My goal in serving is always to glorify and honor Him.


I felt God led me to speak about strength last night. Not just physical strength, but inner strength.  And the huge difference between doing things in our strength versus trusting in God’s strength. We walked through examples such as Paul’s thorn in his flesh, where God told him “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness” (2Cor12:9), as well as 2 Old Testament examples.  We discussed Israel’s punishment of wandering 40 years in the desert for trusting the report of 12 scouts instead of God’s direction to conquer the promised land in His strength.  We also saw God punish David for numbering the people in 1Chronicles 21, being focused on troop strength instead of trusting God and His strength which always proved reliable.


I didn’t realize until typing this email that so many prayer requests and testimonies from last night dealt with seeking strength.  Another indicator that I was hopefully on target for what God wanted me to share!


And we thank you for how you all share in this ministry lifting up these men and their prayer requests each week. We join you in trusting God to hear and answer each prayer, and may we all share in His strength in all we do for Him.  Have a blessed week!


Grace and Peace,




Inmate Prayer Requests from Medium Security (7:00pm service):

  • Phil T– my friend is experiencing weakness from radiation treatments for cancer that resurfaced after several years.  Pray for his healing, and for his wife who lost her Mom about 10 days ago.
  • Ricky– for peace of mind, and for brothers to walk with me through trials.
  • Joshua– friends and family.
  • James– father passed away last week, pray for the family and his cousins.
  • Rick C– friend Jennifer having major autoimmune issues, having allergic reaction to pretty much every material, scent, and food.  Wisdom for caregivers to diagnose and treat properly, and ultimate healing from God above.
  • Joshua #2– for my new born baby (Joshua John) and his Mom.
  • Phil T– my friend Regina who had trouble with previous pregnancy is once again pregnant, pray that it goes much better with Mom and baby staying healthy all the way through.
  • Jeff– my wife (Jessica), my daughter (Bella), my Mom who is in hospice, and my Dad who is having heart surgery.
  • James– for strength and freedom.  Also for my addiction, my Dad died from an overdose.
  • Vincent– my grandmom (Dolores, 96) had a stroke.
  • Joshua– for the judges, the public defenders, and the parole officers.
  • Jose G– my first cousin James has stage 4 cancer, has lost his eyesight and is half paralyzed.
  • Andy L– my neighbor (Rhonda) needs a kidney and has lost her strength, was also attacked by a big dog who nearly killed her. Prayers for healing and recovery.
  • Eric– for Pastor Peter and the folks at Goshen Baptist church, where I had delicious spaghetti and meatballs.



Inmate/volunteer Prayer Requests from Minimum Security (8:30pm service)

  • Andy D– my friend Herb who fell and hit his head, causing a brain bleed which deprived his brain of oxygen for 7-8 minutes. Prognosis is bleak, he remains in ICU on a ventilator.  Prayers for his cousin who has medical POA and will have to make tough decisions.
  • Craig– for my family at large, my youngest daughters (Brianna and Brielle), and especially my wife (Kay) who is stressed out holding it all together by herself.  Give me strength to carry on bothin here and out in the real world. Pray for my situation in Philadelphia where judge wants reconsideration of my sentence to add 6 months, praying for mercy and compassion.
  • Harry– for all of our addictions and temptations, for strength and hope. For my relationship with 7-year-old triplet sons – their mother wants full custody but I’m not giving up my share of custody. Going to court for visitation rights and support money for her, which I’m willing to pay.  Had sentencing for my case – got 60 days in Chester County Prison which I’m serving now.
  • Martin– strength and stability, ability to deal with temptations of the flesh, for my family, my situation, and all our court cases.
  • Zack– supposed to go to rehab in 7-10 days, praying it happens, and for everyone’s strength.
  • Matt R– for coworker Shaun and wife Megan with late-stage cancer.  Healing for her and strength for both of them as she’s battling for her life and he’s dealing with that as well as taking care of their 3 kids under age 7.  Also pray for my friend Aaron who just started outpatient treatment for addiction.  For all the inmates in here, their court cases, and their daily trials.



Prayers from Onesimus Ministries

  • We pray for all the chaplains at Chester County Prison, first of all lifting up Pastor Jack Crans for strength, complete healing, and full restoration as he continues to serve the Lord in many capacities.  Of course we also lift up our wonderful assistant chaplains Rhonda and Heinrich, asking the Lord for His continued blessings of wisdom, endurance, and compassion as they minister to many connected to the prison.


  • Continued prayer for prison leadership as a new Warden is selected, and for every level of leadership to be blessed with all they need to be fully successful at work and at home.  We pray God’s rich blessings upon all the staff members and their families.


  • For guidance and direction on all the details for the annual Onesimus banquet in October.


  • For all the aftercare ministries taking care of ex-inmates that most of society would rather ignore.  May God bless them with all they need to do the mission God has called them to, and may their efforts bear much fruit with changed hearts and changed lives that lift up the whole community.


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