Habeas Corpus

Literally, produce the body.  It’s a legal term that means if you have evidence, let’s see it. Many of the men to whom we minister on a Monday night are skeptical of almost everything because they have lived in a world of deceit.  They have seen every scam artist and imposter there is and are reticent to believe anyone about anything without seeing the evidence.

The evidence that Jesus was the one spoken of by the Old Testament prophets is stunning.  Written hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of years before Jesus walked the earth the prophets said the Messiah would come through the line of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Judah, Jesse, be of the House of David and be born in Bethlehem Ephrata. Jesus satisfied every one of those prophesies.  

There is only one possible explanation for the accuracy of those prophets, and it is that they were motivated to write what they wrote by a power that not only knows the future but exerts control over it.  That is the message I often bring when it is my turn to speak on a Monday night.

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