Prison Ministry Prayer Requests for this week – 8/21/23

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Word is beginning to get around at the prison that Monday night services are back.  The men are joyful that we’ve returned and so grateful that we’re there, and they are telling others.  First service saw a 10% increase (up to 22 men) and second service saw a 61% increase (from 13 to 21).  It’s not just about the numbers, we just want more men to come out and hear the Good News.


I had the opportunity to share the message this week – first time I’ve preached back-to-back services.  An interesting challenge to deliver the same message with the same amount of passion to 2 different audiences.  We are trained to stick primarily to the core Gospel message each week, due to the transient nature of county inmates.    Unlike state prisons where ministry teams see the same men each week, we may only see a particular inmate one time, so we need to deliver the Gospel in every service. 


Since yesterday was my Dad’s birthday, the Lord had inspired me to bring a message about his influence on my life, and how he helped me see a bigger picture of God than I could have ever seen on my own. What made it even more interesting was the fact that I came from a long line of Roman Catholics (not to mention attending 12 years of Catholic school), and it was my lifelong catholic Dad that started me down a road to find true faith versus religion. The early part of my message unpacked this verse:


“Every way of a man is right in his own eyes, but the Lord weighs the heart.” (Proverbs 21:2)


I’m thankful the message seemed to resonate with the men, as I noticed even the back row stayed engaged.  And of course I’m thankful for each of you and the very important part you play in this ministry.  We covet your continued prayer and support for the chaplains, the Monday night team, and all the men and women we minister to at Chester County Prison.  God bless your week.


Grace and peace,





Inmate Prayer Requests from Medium Security (7:00pm service):


  • Dion – for everybody’s safety in here, even the snitches. And for the best possible outcome with all of our cases.
  • Phil – for my sister to be doing well, having her 2nd baby next month.  And for forgiveness.  Also want to lift up all the people affected in the wildfires in Maui and in the tropical storms in California.
  • Cody– for my two kids.
  • Brant– for healing – recovery from a broken hip in a car accident.  For my family, and for my case.
  • Mark– for family ,and to be able to get back in touch with them since it’s been a long time.  And for my wife, wherever she is, to have her head screwed on right – she thinks we have it easy in here and she has it much harder out there.
  • Charles– I get out on Thursday and will be on probation.  I pray I will never come back here.
  • Charlie– thankful for another day, and praying for better conditions in here.
  • Dave– for a positive outcome on my case and all our cases.
  • Mark – for all the sick and suffering.



Inmate Prayer Requests from Minimum Security (8:30pm service)


  • Chris– court date coming up.
  • Oscar– family back home.  And for everyone in prison (there are currently 2 million locked up).
  • Rob– health
  • Dan– my sister is due with her first baby in January, and having some difficulties.
  • Jason– for better food in here. And for my family.
  • Jonathan– forgiveness
  • Bo– pray for everyone in here, and that we would receive something good in this meeting.
  • Nick – for understanding and to be able to have blind faith.
  • Jeremiah– that the justice system would work, and that each of us would do right when we’re out of here.
  • Austin– please pray for the woman who stole my truck that I was living in.  And pray that these tablets would work so I can get my money back out (the prison uses iPads to keep track of accounts).
  • Jacob– for my aunt and my Mom died from breast cancer.
  • Dan– for my daughter Cecilia, we have not spoken in many years.  And for all the people on the outside doing stuff that leads here.
  • Damon– I transfer to state prison for four months and I pray I could be home for Christmas.
  • James– for those that accuse us, and I also pray for the person who stole my truck.
  • Scott– for my wife who just lost her grandmother.
  • William– for my wife.
  • Dan T– for our country and our leaders.



Prayers from Onesimus Ministries


Continued thanks and praise that we’re back to ministering in-person to inmates.  And thankful for the positive attitudes encountered with prison staff members so far.


Ongoing prayers for strength and wellbeing of our wonderful Chaplains Rhonda and Heinrich, as they minister daily to inmates, staff, and families connected with CCP.


Please continue to lift up the aftercare ministries that disciple recently released men and women.  May God grant them all they need to be effective in doing His will.


If you’d like to find out more about mentoring and discipling a man or woman coming out of prison, drop us a note at



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