Spring 2012 Chairman’s Article

You are invited …………. to attend our spring banquet at Mt. Vernon Mennonite Church on April 13. Come enjoy the fellowship at 6:00 so we can begin dinner promptly at 6:30. To reserve a seat please call Jim and Rozie Kreider at 717-529-6487, or Vernon Myers at 610-932-4429. Reservations need to be in by April 7. Our evening together is always an inspiration and joy in the grace of God.

The speaker for the evening is Richard Murray. Richard is an ex¬≠inmate who, like Doug Burnette and Peter Roomet, benefited from the spiritual ministry offered while in prison, and is now “involved” helping others with the same grace Jesus offered them …………….. .

“Greetings in the wonderful name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. My name is Richard Murray and I am thankful for the grace of God I was rescued from a heroin addition in October of 2000 while sitting in a prison cell in Hagerstown, Md. That day I just lay on my face and asked God, if he was real to please save me and deliver me from what I had become. By April of 2001, Jesus called me into ministry and began a prison ministry behind those prison walls. In those years I watched God move mightily in the lives of others and mine, with the eventual early release of my 10 year sentence. Since august of 2003 I have seen God open doors for me from pastoring churches to being a part of prison fellowship. Today I am fueled with the passion and belief that all mankind deserves a second chance, especially those who seemed to be locked away and forgotten. As I always tell people I was never arrested, I was rescued from myself. … ”

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