The Waiting is the Hardest Part

If you’re from a certain generation you may recognize these lyrics from a Tom Petty song. Not a song I would recommend for content, but I think we can all relate to this line in various contexts in our lives. It’s been over three years since our last in-person visit to bring church/the Gospel to the inmates. As I reflect on the range of emotions in me, I’m anxiously awaiting the go ahead when we can start up again, but life has changed over the past three years.

I still get jazzed when I hear a message that speaks to my heart and I think, that would be a great scripture/message to bring on a Monday night; hope I remember it. Other challenges I face (and I’m probably not alone) is that Monday nights – once absolutely and for certain blocked out for Prison Ministry – have now been open and oft times committed to other things. I have made a vow that once we know for sure that the doors are open again, Monday nights will be totally committed to this most precious of ministries. I also have gotten complacent about the Ministry; the fire needs to be rekindled in my soul.

I am so grateful to Rick Chiavetta, a member of Onesimus and fellow ministry partner and his faithful weekly messages including the prayer requests from the inmates provided by the Chaplains. They are lifelines that keep me connected when the danger of drifting even further than I confess I have, is ever upon me. Thank you, Rick!!

Please pray for all the volunteers who wait so patiently for the doors to open again and we can share the love of Jesus to the broken and hurting people who so desperately need to hear it. Ask the Holy Spirit to stir and prepare our hearts for the joyful work ahead. Give us the fruit of patience and equip us with the insight to share God’s Word and trust the Holy Spirit to open hearts and minds. Thank you!

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