Prison Ministry has Changed

In the midst of all the COVID-19 turmoil, our family graduated two high
school seniors in 2020. One with a virtual ceremony which was nice, but
not what high school seniors wanted for their senior year. The other senior’s
graduation was postponed from June until late in the summer. For him the
sense of joy of finishing this “life milestone” seemed almost anti-climactic. Our
senior’s comment, “I almost feel like skipping the graduation all together.”

What a year it has been! COVID-19 has profoundly turned everyday
activities upside down! The impact was felt at Chester County Prison as well, as
you will hear in Heinrich and Rhonda’s reports. Trying to prevent the spread of
the virus the prison authorities needed to restrict inmates’ movement throughout
the prison, no family visits, no chapel services, no worship, greatly reduced
contact with staff, including the chaplains Heinrich and Rhonda. Outside church
groups and Monday Night Fellowship are not permitted to conduct services in
the chapel. So life at Chester County Prison is anything but normal.

Despite the necessary changes, Heinrich reports that inmates and staff
have expressed deep appreciation that he was there every day. They expressed
their thanks to see the chaplain adjusting to life brought on by the challenge of
COVID-19. Prison ministry has changed.

Not only changes to life at Chester County Prison, COVID has impacted
those of you who are our loyal supporters. We needed to cancel our annual Spring
fund raising dinner. While we depend on our annual dinner as a wonderful time
of worship and joy, we were not sure how it would impact our financial support
for 2020. God has been good and He has provided through the faithful support
of all of us.

But COVID has caused us to adapt. We are looking for new ways to support
Onesimus Ministry. Please read carefully the article on page three from our
secretary, Phil Taylor, since we are working on an online-giving option from our
website :
Great News

P. S. Since we invited churches, families, groups, and individuals to donate
a box of Life Recovery Bibles we have had fifteen boxes (15) of LRB donated
for use at Chester County Prison. How very wonderful these gifts are. We also
ordered two Spanish translations of the Life Recovery Bibles.

Those who have donated Bibles in 2020, are invited to do so again in 2021.
$128 covers a case of 16 Bibles.
Earmark your contributions as 2021 LRB and send to 145 Bethel Road,
Oxford, PA 19363

Thank you.!

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